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. . .begins with a single step. I am taking those first crucial steps. While this post is short, there is more to come. I am finally embarking on something I’ve always wanted to do and more information will be here soon. Anyone who has a problem with a fit person who became very fat…»

Happy New Year to my six return readers. 🙂 I have made several serious decision but the biggest is to finish my degree. It only took a mere twenty-five years for me to listen to my mother and (once again) decide that she was 100% correct. I am not getting where I want to go…»

Official fitness journey …. two weeks and one day in. I found the best picture for this path I’m on: More to come. Down 12.4 pounds. Workouts completed (all from The FIRM Workout): Time Crunch Cardio & Super Cardio, Ultimate Fat Burning Workout, Cardio Party, Super Cardio Sculpt, Maximum Cardio Burn, Strength, Fat Blaster, Bust…»

  WELL last night I could NOT fall asleep….. At midnight I was mad and then I realized that Hub was either dead or had hit a magic spot on his tower of pillow because he was still and utterly silent. So of course I then laid there trying to detect if he was breathing and…»

Let’s continue with the Year of Honesty (TYOH). It is difficult to know a hero. When you realize that is what you are looking at and try to wrap your mind around being that selfless….that brave….that unintimidated you  second guess yourself and what you have accomplished. It is also difficult when you realize you are…»

I have (and hate) to admit it but Patricia Arquette is the catalyst for this post. First, congrats on your Oscar, honey. I *loved* you in True Romance. I mean it was fucking awesome. But your little speech at the end about equality for women was, #1: surprising (I mean who thought for a second…»

As if I needed any additional reasons to consider having an entire team of mental health professionals looking after me, I’ve begun to have these hilarious dreams that seem to like to involve complex scientific problems. The first I like to call: The Marines Make Accidental Dolphins My Hub asked me to consult with him…»

Hub and I have conversation that border on insane. Randomly unnecessary conversations that include actual information that may or may not be good for either of us. ME:  Do you have ten seconds to talk to me? HUB: I guess. ME: I want your opinion on something. I have three phrases that I… HUB: (interrupting) One…»

OK so…. We bought our couch and it is one of those in 3 sections that hook together w/ a curved part in the middle and there are recliners on both ends but we misjudged how frakking big it would be so we just use the 2 ends to make a regular sized couch…. And…»