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I detest the san jose sharks.

Yes I swore I’d post 365 posts….but sometimes I have NOTHING! I’m posting simply to post which is not good so…

Today I did the FIRM Volume 6.

I was unhappy with the Super Bowl. I really didn’t care who won but it was a boring blow out…. Very disappointing. But we did get this:

Sad but true

Sad but true

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have something of fiber and quality to post 🙂

First month of 2014 is already over. When I was a teenager time just crawled by. I never understood the “time flies” adage. Now that I’m an adult, however, I totally get it.

Spent a wonderful evening with my mother in law …. great dinner, great company.

Now I’m watching the Stars and praying they beat the Ducks. Go boys go!!

I hope very one has an amazing February! I know that I’m going to!

And now….

Get emotional. (You need to see this.)

Buy me this. (Please.)

A drawing of me.

A drawing of me.


Budweiser’s Super Bowl commercial has been leaked. So I cried.

Why do they want to do this to me? I watch these commercials and cry.

But I do love it. And puppies. And Clydesdales.

Which leads me to a story about cops. (That happens a lot for some reason.)

My sister-in-law is a super talented writer and enjoys Dallas Stars hockey. She’s basically my best friend and I have been screwing her brother for twenty years so it works out well.

When the Stars won the Stanley Cup we went to the rally at Reunion Arena (RIP) and because I’m a part-time germ-a-phobe and won’t use public restrooms or open doors by hand in public places she essentially let me into the rally and also carried my pop to our seats because the girl at the concession stand seemed questionable in the area of cleanliness.

Until we got outside.

There were approximately 234,320 people out there and a whole posse of mounted Dallas Policemen were there to keep us in control. We exited the building and there were five mounted officers on patrol. (We are hockey fans, so, checking was possible at any moment.)

In the center was a lovely Clydesdale. Perfect choice for the work. Large. Intimidating. Steady.

I said, “EEEEEE! Horses!” Michelle followed me saying something along the lines of “really come on damn!”

We arrived at the steeds and I looked at the cop and said, “HI!!!!!! I know he’s working but please can I say hello to your horse?”

The cop said, “Sure. Be quick.”

I said, “I will. I have to kiss him. He’s perfect and working and I love him.”

The cop said, “Um. What about me??”

I laughed. And then mouth kissed this beautiful horse. I turned around and there was Michelle making this face:

She was pretty annoyed.

She was pretty annoyed.

And she said, “You can’t open a door in a public place but you can kiss a horse. Fuck you, Nickie.”

I’ve been on my own in public when I’m alone with Michelle ever since.

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner. One of my favorite movies. If you’ve never seen it I highly recommend it. I recently forced the Kittie to watch it with me (because it was made before 1990 she resisted) and since then she’s been in possession of my DVD copy. It’s just that good.



I really meant to post yesterday. I did.

I was thinking something interesting would happen. I left the house and everything.

However before I could collect my thoughts I realized the Stars were about to play the Pens and I landed on the couch to do that and was asleep the moment the puck fell.

And I guess I actually fainted because I didn’t wake again until 8 a.m. So I got twelve hours of sleep.

And a blog demerit. Sorry folks …. but that means 2 posts today because I WILL meet my 365 post goal for 2014.


PS: My boys shut out the Pens! Even tho I missed it. WOOHOO GO STARS!


Daylami won the 1999 Breeders Cup Turf in a performance I still think about often. As he left the field behind I was simply mystified. He was just so strong.

Daylami at liberty.

Daylami at liberty.

Powering home.

Powering home.

There comes a point in time where you stand back and decide the entire kitchen must be bleached. It’s not that it’s dirty. It’s not. I just sometimes think I can see germs trying to hide. So the oven must be cleaned and the counters and floors and sinks bleached. I got started today and was very pleased when I approached being finished.

My only issue was the random small condiments I was finding. In the bread box. In the drawer with the silverware. In the junk drawer. BEHIND THE PAPER TOWEL HOLDER?

Someone in my house is stashing these. I want to know why.

If you ever need to drink icing I have a some.

If you ever need to drink icing I have a some.

I’d like to live in Toontown.


Also I feel like garbage today which hacks me off completely.

The Girl Scouts keep showing up with armloads of cookies and they are so freaking cute I can’t tell them no. So now I have 10 boxes of cookies that I’ve successfully ignored but am starting to think I won’t be able to resist for long.

And this:

It never fails…I go to listen to one song and without fail everything gets convoluted. Suddenly I’ve lost an hour and half of the day.

Started here:

Then I wound up here:

Then somehow:

And now:

I really need to find more constructive ways to spend my free time.