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Let’s continue with the Year of Honesty (TYOH).

It is difficult to know a hero. When you realize that is what you are looking at and try to wrap your mind around being that selfless….that brave….that unintimidated you  second guess yourself and what you have accomplished.

It is also difficult when you realize you are married to a hero. Not Thor. Not Tony Stark’s Iron Man. A real live in the flesh hero. I imagine Chris Kyle’s beautiful widow realized that, too. I’m lucky in the fact that mine is still in my bed. And I grieve for her. I hurt for her and others exactly like her. Think for yourself people. Mrs. Kyle’s husband saved countless lives and your children sleep under the blanket of opportunity that he, and other like him, defended.

You see, a different type of woman throws themselves into a military wife role. I mean, c’mon. They are in shape. They have job. The uniform…good God the sexy uniform. It’s to the point of being glamorized in Hollywood. But what Hollywood doesn’t show is the commitment these men have. The utter insistence on being the sheepdog.

When I started dating my husband we’d both been through a marriage. Mine included drinking and adultery and the crappiest rent houses in Texas. His first marriage included duty. Honor. Combat.

It’s strange for me. Twenty years ago he pledged fidelity and undying love for me. I look at his face today and think …. wow. He PICKED ME. I’m 100% safe 100% of the time. And yet, everyone anywhere in his vicinity should feel the same and largely, they DO NOT KNOW IT. He would jump out of a perfectly good airplane into an area that none of us would ever dream to go for justice. For the end of oppression.

He jokes with me and says things like, “If I’m standing on it, it’s America.”  and “When I get there, I will arrive violently.” and “82nd Airborne. This is as far as the bastards are going.”

My hardest day is traffic. Not knowing what to make for dinner. Thinking my legs are probably not shaved enough for capri pants.

My Hub thinks of a lot more. The bigger picture. And never….. ever….. of himself.

Thank you. Thank you my love and the men who serve. Thank you.


Actually my hub. Actually hanging outside a perfectly good airplane.

My husband hanging outside a perfectly good airplane.

EDIT: Hub read my post and said, “Technically….it’s an Huey but that’s ok”…….Sorry!

I have (and hate) to admit it but Patricia Arquette is the catalyst for this post.

Pat wins an Oscar. And annoys me.

Pat wins an Oscar. And annoys me.

First, congrats on your Oscar, honey. I *loved* you in True Romance. I mean it was fucking awesome.

But your little speech at the end about equality for women was, #1: surprising (I mean who thought for a second you had political ambitions….you’re an ARQUETTE for fuck’s sake) and, #2: annoying.

Quick open letter to Ms. Arquette:

Be an activist. It’s a great calling. Go fix the shit you think is broken. I totally support that. You make way more money than I do and can afford to travel and support your cause(s). So 1…2….3…..go for it! And I totally get spewing your cause while accepting an Oscar cos, well, everyone is watching. But give a website address and then MOVE ALONG. Because where I stand I heard what came out of your mouth and looked at my Hub and said, “Holy FUCK what rights am I missing??? Have I overlooked something???”

Anyhooooooooooo…… from this point forward I will use this blog to simply be honest. It won’t be pretty. It won’t make people happy. And I don’t care. Honestly.