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Here’s my thoughts on what’s “trending”:

Justin = Who gives a shit.

Jimi = Aw.

Carrie = Screwing your husband is a trend.





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I indulged myself today with a bag of popcorn.

And out fell a small brain.

Ok it was popcorn but it looked like a brain.

I'm concerned about the violent removal of the spinal cord.

I’m concerned about the violent removal of the spinal cord.

I have such an interesting life.


I’m a big fan of hockey. And the Dallas Stars are my favorite team. As difficult as they are making that on me right now:

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We have managed to win ONE WHOLE GAME in the month of January and it’s driving me insane. Hopefully the Olympic break will do them some good and allow me to forget briefly what a horrible year they are having. Yes, yes. I know. Their team is full of young’uns and once these boys grow up it will be a very, very good team. The waiting sucks.

PS: I hate the sharks more than any other team. I won’t even capitalize their name. Blech.

I really don’t tweet. I know how to use Twitter and have an account so I suppose I should TRY to tweet, but I’ve never been able to get into the tweet. ┬áThere are some folks w/ AWESOME tweets so here are some from this week:

The Kittie and Tall-Gorgeous-Step-Daughter talk. A lot. And they also spend their time telling us that our choice in television programming needs improvement. The odd part is that they want us to watch things like The Vampire Diaries and The Walking Dead. Strange from a pair of girls (16 and 25 respectfully) that want to wear princess crowns.

Anyway, Hub was 100% out on The Vampire Diaries. However the girls did convince him that The Walking Dead was something we needed to watch.

KITTIE: Dad. Let’s watch The Walking Dead!

HUB: No.

KITTIE: We always watch your stupid shows! And you already have three seasons to watch so can we watch it, please?

HUB: Why?

KITTIE: It’s gross and cool.

HUB: Like your mom?


So we agree to watch the first season which is inexplicably only six episodes. It didn’t take long for me to be completely bored and Hub to point out glaring tactical errors being made by the main character. But we pushed through the first six.

I told Tall-Gorgeous-Step-Daughter that we had started watching and in her typical fashion she did three things…. 1. She clapped, 2. She told me that I should **JUST WAIT** for the end of season three, and 3. started asking questions that gave away information on episodes we haven’t seen yet.

TGSD: Do you love it? I love it! I was so sad when the third season ended! This is great! We’ll be able to talk about season four.

ME: I’m not going to make it to season four.

TGSD: YES YOU ARE! You have to! Did you see when Carl got shot?

ME: Who’s Carl?

TGSD: Wait. You said you watched all of season one.

ME: I did. I really wasn’t paying attention.

TGSD: C’mon!!! Carl is Rick and Lori’s son.

ME: He gets shot?

TGSD: OH yeah that’s in season 2.

ME: Stop talking.

We are now about 1/2 way through season two. Carl got shot but lived. Lori’s a whore. I hate her. Also…. the make up on the zombies is really nifty. I’m quite impressed w/ that. (I admit to one part making me actually feel pretty grossed out which is rare for me.) And then the DISCOVERY of the century….. the actor who plays the lead character Rick (Andrew Lincoln) IS BRITISH!!!! WTF???? Ok so I forgive his awful southern accent. Since his real accent is the balls.