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Those who know me know Larry. Those that don’t know me — This is Larry. Don’t be fooled. He’s a handful. For non-boxer people: Imagine a cute 10 week old puppy. Put that energy into a 75 pound boxer dog body. That’s the first four years of having a boxer.


He's plotting his next move to make you reconsider all the choices you have ever made.

He’s plotting his next move to make you reconsider all the choices you have ever made.

SO…I’ve been trying to do some cardio 3-5 days a week and I’ve been walking Larry very early in the morning. He’s such a good boy in the morning…unlike in the afternoons when there is so much activity he’s almost impossible to keep on task and you want to kill him and then yourself. So this morning we leave around 5….do our mile and some such and are almost home when through amnesia I completely disregard the fact that Larry and I do not sense things at exactly the same time or in the same way. Approximately 2.02262 seconds before I see him, Larry sees an innocent man jogging on the other side of the street. Within the span of these 2.02262 seconds the following things happen:
  • Larry lunges for this person
  • My disregard for Larry’s strength results in him jerking the lead clean out of my hand
  • Larry is running at a speed nearing 48.9 miles per hour straight at this jogger
  • The jogger is looking for an escape route or a rope ladder to fall from a helicopter, and
  • I’m standing on a dead silent residential street in Midlothian, Texas screaming “LARRRRRYYY LARRRYYYYY” at the top of my lungs.
Larry reaches jogger and begins jumping up and down and body slamming him as if the actual mosh pit is starting right there to the Killswitch Engage song that I cannot hear but Larry obviously could. The jogger is both trying to keep him away and (somehow) laughing. I am still screaming — “NO! LARRY! NO! HEWON’THURTYOUIPROMISE NO NO LAAARRRYYY!” all while I’m trying to cover the same distance Larry did in 0.9832 seconds (it took me probably 9 seconds).

The jogger was very gracious—no harm no foul….. Larry was in full “IS THIS FUN OR WHAT?!?!?” mode and I am so embarrassed I want to die.

Jogger jogs away, Larry cries at his departure, and I’m standing in the middle of the street thinking, “Someone in one of these houses is sure that a mental patient named Larry is loose in the neighborhood and there’s an even crazier person trying to catch him.”

Pounds to lose: 98
Pounds lost: 7

. . .begins with a single step. I am taking those first crucial steps.

While this post is short, there is more to come. I am finally embarking on something I’ve always wanted to do and more information will be here soon. Anyone who has a problem with a fit person who became very fat and is now going to be in the best shape of her life probably will find the next year of posts very boring. Those who find the topic interesting please stay tuned.

Today’s Exercise: Cardio Dance Slim Down from THE FIRM

Total Pounds to Lose: 98

Total Pounds Lost: 2

Official fitness journey …. two weeks and one day in. I found the best picture for this path I’m on:

Keep quiet and get busy.

Keep quiet and get busy.

More to come.

Down 12.4 pounds. Workouts completed (all from The FIRM Workout): Time Crunch Cardio & Super Cardio, Ultimate Fat Burning Workout, Cardio Party, Super Cardio Sculpt, Maximum Cardio Burn, Strength, Fat Blaster, Bust & Butt, Ultimate Calorie Blaster, Complete Aerobics & Weight Training, Total Sculpt.


Tonight’s work out = Super Cardio

Thanks to all the people who sent me messages of encouragement. It is very appreciated.

Now….ONWARD! A night’s sleep (and puppy kisses) have renewed my resolve. Pouting and being a whiner never got one damn thing done for anyone. So this will be my platform. And this is a LOG so Logging Via Internet Machine starts here.


Today’s menu:

1/8 of a quiche I made (whole eggs, 1/2 tsp sour cream, sausage & bacon crumbles) for breakfast

1 small chicken Caesar salad for snack

Atkins meal from variety purchased for lunch

Carb-free meatloaf & whipped cauliflower for dinner

Atkins imitation M&Ms for my 11 p.m. sugar craving

Workout today will be from the FIRM Express – Cycle 4 Sculpt.

I had a pretty good end of the month. However, I’ve had eating fail lately and need to renew my focus on what I’m actually preparing for meals. Mix it up with some more greens and fruits.

Anyway…’s my workouts from the last half of the month:

15-Jan: Volume 4
16-Jan: Ab sculpt
17-Jan: rest day
18-Jan: Firm Parts 5-day-abs (V4)
19-Jan: Firm Parts Upper Body
20-Jan: rest day
21-Jan: Cardio Dance Slim Down
22-Jan: rest day
23-Jan: BSS1 Body Sculpt
24-Jan: BSS1 Ab Sculpt
25-Jan: BSS1 Cardio Sculpt
26-Jan: rest day
27-Jan: rest day
28-Jan: Volume 4
29-Jan: Firm Parts 5-day-abs (V6)
30-Jan: Body Sculpt Blaster
21-Jan: rest day

Tomorrow is the first of February and I’m doing the entire month using a rotation consisting only the Original 6 Firm Workouts. WISH ME LUCK!

The FIRM - Volume 2

The FIRM – Volume 2

As I’ve mentioned before I’m in the process of shrinking.  Twenty days into my resolution to leave this year a whole hell of a lot healthier and stronger than I entered it is (re)teaching me that this is more than a process. It’s an art form.

For those of you who have never seen an original FIRM workout and are either in shape and need a challenge or out of shape and are sick of feeling like a toad (like me) I highly recommend them.

Cardio pisses me off. Always has. But lifting weights I love. There’s something about finishing all those reps while dripping sweat and feeling like your muscles are going to give up that make me want to put on a cape and scream, “I AM A SUPER HERO BITCHES!” (Hub won’t let me do that in the front yard tho.) The FIRM is the perfect balance of the two and there is such a wide and wonderful variety to their workouts that I can do a cardio laden workout one day and treat myself to super heavy lifting the next. Example:

Yesterday I did FIRM Parts Upper Body. Every single push up. Every single time the instructors called for heavy weights I used 12# dumbbells. I am FEELING it this morning. That wonderful feeling of shrinkage.

And as I walk through the break room at work and see the pile of donuts waving at me I gave them the middle finger and said, “Sorry. You are not on my schedule.”

Here’s to a strong week for everyone. I’m gonna kill it all week long!

PS: You can buy the FIRM Volume 1 w/ the incomparable Susan Harris right here.

We are fourteen whole days into the new year and here is my workout log thus far. I have been diligently watching what I eat (which was a huge source of fail for me in 2013 as all I was doing was working off about half the junk I ate).

Repeat after me: PIZZA IS GROSS....PIZZA IS GROSS.

Repeat after me:  PIZZA IS GROSS . . . . PIZZA IS GROSS.

I am a huge lover of the FIRM workouts and they are the only workouts I do. I hate the gym because of other people and sweat and germs and people. I prefer my own weights in my own space with workouts that I know are effective and all kinds of wonderful. You can get these workouts here. Trust me, if you are trying to do what I am doing (look better at 44 than you did at 24) this is what you want.

I will get to post 2014.365 healthier and bathing suit ready! I will not fail!


01-Jan: Finding Your Core (5-day-abs, V4)

02-Jan: rest

03-Jan: Body Sculpt Blaster

04-Jan: Volume 4 (5-day-abs, V2)

05-Jan: Volume 6 (5-day-abs, V3)

06-Jan: Upper Body Split (5-day-abs, V4)

07-Jan: rest

08-Jan: Volume 3

09-Jan: Body Sculpt (BSS1)

10-Jan: Ab Sculpt (BSS1)

11-Jan: Cardio Sculpt (BSS1)

12-Jan: Body Sculpt Blaster (5-day-abs, V2)

13-Jan: Volume 1

14-Jan: Jiggle Free Abs


You know how people (usually boss-types) enjoy talking about having a good work-life balance? I always found those conversations annoying because, frankly, if I didn’t have to work my life would be much more balanced.

Sadly, I have to work because I enjoy things like shelter and nutrition so I just accept that in order to have those things my “life” is interrupted by “work”. The last work-life conversation I had with my boss went like this:

BOSS: Do you feel like you have a comfortable balance between work and life?

ME: That depends. Can I get a week of paid vacation each month?


ME: Then yup, I’m good!

My problem right now is balancing my life with working—-OUT! My workouts are no less than 45 minutes and are usually closer to 60-65 minutes not counting prep and getting myself cleaned up afterward. I have been trying to get no less than 4 work outs in a week (five is my goal and six would be best) however, I have missed two days of lifting because life is interrupting the workout.

It’s a difficult and delicate balance. Gotta work. Gotta take care of family/homelife …. so now I’m faced with the decision of how “selfish” do I get with my time. Frankly, I (like most women I’m sure) take on as much as I can for as many as I can in the household allowing my needs to go to the wayside. Since no one in the house is a toddler I clearly need to allow myself the opportunity to be who I want to be in the manner I want to handle it.

So the responsibility shift from everything around me to just me may seem selfish, believe me, it is not. The more I have for my own sanity the more sanity I can share!

And now….. to plan my next week of workouts!


I love to lift weights. Absolutely love it. Why I gave it up for as long as I did is a mystery to me.

Instead I let myself get horribly out of shape and the more out of shape (i.e.: fat) I became the angrier I got. I loved to pin it on everyone and everything around me yet it turns out the anger was with myself.

So now, it’s time to change it. While I’ve only REALLY been back at working out for three weeks on Friday I can already feel a huge difference in myself. I feel… HAPPY!

After a couple of months I’ll start posting some photos of my progress but right now I’m wanting people who are on the same fitness journey to post a comment and connect with me!  Let’s share and discuss goals!

I am looking forward to meeting all of you!

Meanwhile, Hub is fully supportive:

HUB: Don’t hurt yourself. You’ve worked out five days in a row already. You need to think about a rest day.

ME: (panting as I’m working out) Nope.

HUB: Well if you get hurt you won’t be able to work out at all.

ME: I’ll just train around the injury.

HUB: How do you train around your brain?


iron hex dumbbell