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I haven’t even scratched the supply surface.

I have a serious gift wrapping supply problem. It’s a really strange problem to have because I despise wrapping gifts. I suck at it. I mean. Really suck. My solution for tearing corners (which happens an enraging percentage of the time) is more tape. I am always careful to use enough tape to hide what the box looks like under thus the tear is no longer visible and the adhesive can’t be called “invisible tape” but more accurately smooth duct tape. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

I have never purchased these items @ retail. As I type this I am already looking forward to rushing to the local Wal*Mart dive head first into the “All Christmas Items 50% off” section….even better, give it a couple of days after that and it becomes 70% off.

In my closet is currently 25 rolls of wrapping paper (carefully chosen), 12 packages of various tissues (glitter tissue is a huge markdown bonus), 22-1/2 bags of bows….and the pièce de résistance 820 glitter gift tags (self adhesive).

As I am digging through these items to complete my Christmas wrapping, Hub walks in:

HUB: I don’t think you have enough wrapping supplies.

ME: I know!! I am really concerned about getting through the holidays like this. The stress is unbearable.

HUB: Why the hell do you have all these tags?

ME: Please don’t judge.

HUB: I’m not judging. I’m asking an honest question.

ME: I need them.

HUB: How many more gifts are you planning to wrap?

ME: Don’t worry about that. I need the tags. I’m beginning to consider incorporating them into my every day life because I have so many. Do you think that Christmas Tag Glitter Art could be a huge new fad?

HUB:  <sigh> Only if you are stoned.




New Year’s Resolution made 12 days early = an end of laziness!

Stick around and see what happens because I am going to post 365 days in a row in 2014. Don’t think I can do it? I maybe don’t either but that’s my goal!

There is no telling what is going to show up on this blog next year….It may simply be whatever leaps to my mind when I wake up each day…. horses, weight lifting, pizza, kittens, UFOs, paper cuts, pornography, hockey, pudding, ninjas, butterflies, and how disturbing it is to me when my fingers smell like katsup.