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I’m a good sport. To lose a one goal hockey game is simply one shot that found its way through and otherwise it’s a tie. So hats off to Canada. I’m still very hockeysad.

Proud of you Team USA Hockey! Good luck to you tomorrow.

For those of you not familiar with Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends the following is Bloo and Cheese. (If you haven’t seen them, look ’em up it’s worth it).  This photo accurately depicts the exact faces I’ve been making interchangeably since the game ended.


I fell off the blog wagon. Sorry my dear (few) readers and (a few more) friends. I won’t hit 365 posts for the year but let’s see if I can’t get back into the swing.

I have been completely immersed in the Olympics and cannot wait for the USA v. Canada hockey game tomorrow.

I also have been struggling with my weight loss a little bit. My workouts are going really well. I mean super good. I can feel myself getting stronger and the increase in energy is terrific. My eating tends to be a problem and since I have so much weight to lose I get very angry with myself. To the point of my daily commutes being a perfect quiet time to berate myself for a half an hour each way. I’m fighting through it and have decided to kick start this shit by cutting out carbs and sugar as much as possible. Loading up on lean meat, protein shakes, and leafy greens. And guzzling water as if my life depends upon it. I also need to stay off the scale. Since I’m lifting I know that I’m gaining muscle but the pounds are not falling off. Yet.

Topic for tomorrow will certainly be hockey. But I need very much to have a True Detective post because that show IS AWESOME!

Thanks to those how are hanging in there with me!  And, of course….



Guardians of Atlantis Box Set is NOW AVAILABLE


I’m super excited to announce the Guardians of Atlantis Box Set is now available for purchase! You can get it at Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, iBooks and CreateSpace (in print). Coming soon to Kobo and All Romance eBooks!


To celebrate the release, you can get the box set right now until February 21 for 0.99 cents at Smashwords! That’s over 80% off! Use coupon code DD39E. Not familiar with Smashwords? You can purchase ANY eReader format (including Kindle and Nook) for download.


Here’s the blurb:


Now get the entire Guardians of Atlantis series in one complete box set! A mad scientist wants to merge human DNA with Atlantean DNA. It’s up to the Guardians of Atlantis to stop him!


Book 1: Tempting Eden

Eden wants to forget her cheating boyfriend, empty bank account and dead-end job on the sandy beaches of the Bahamas. Sabre is on a mission to bring back human females from the surface but all that changes when he sees Eden. He intends to keep her for himself…no matter the price


Book 2: Seducing Eve

Kidnapped and brought to Atlantis, Eve is desperate to escape her lab prison. Lucian’s mission is to investigate the kidnapped woman. He never expects Eve to escape the lab, wreaking havoc. Rescuing her, they’re chased into the long-deserted tunnels, trying to outrun fate and stay alive.


Book 3: Ravishing Helene

Helene is nursing a broken heart and ignoring the rebellion her brother is leading. Only when she’s captured by the enemy does she realize the peril she’s in and her importance. Raven is the only man who can rescue her from the radical scientist—as well as mend her shattered heart. Will she become part of the rebellion or suffer at the hands of supreme evil?


The USA has won it’s first gold medal at the 2014 Sochi Olympics and I’m very pleased! The first ever gold medal awarded in this new Olympic sport and it belongs to the good ol’ US of A!


I really liked the much bigger tricks in the last round. I also loved his quote immediately after the run, “I just blacked out up there!” Yeah!!!!! Too awesome.

Medal Ceremony - Winter Olympics Day 1


I was really impressed with the Sochi opening ceremonies. It was interesting and extremely long and I feel that it likely did exactly what Putin wanted. MAKE YOU FULLY FEAR THE SOVIETS!

The venues are really quite pretty. Especially when they look as if they are exploding with color.

The venues are really quite pretty. Especially when they look as if they are exploding with color.

Let’s hit the highlights (in no particular order):

Is this busy enough?

Is this busy enough?

Let’s forget the fact that I’m really super sure there are Oompa Loompas involved here did this make anyone else wonder if all the overly energetic partying you did between the age of 18 and 28 had finally caught up with you and you were completely insane and seeing some weird Sixth Level of The Chocolate Factory?

I'm going to have this installed in my master suite.

I’m going to have this installed in my master suite.

I can’t even describe how much I loved this.



I don’t care what they say the Inquisition is alive in well in Russia. There’s the photograph to prove it.

I tried to expand the ring with my mind.

I tried to expand the ring with my mind.

Ok yeah it was a glitch in a huge production but still a giggle. For me.


You know this is scary to look at. Weapons & disembodied heads.

You know this is scary to look at. Weapons & disembodied heads.

You know what you are looking at. Severed body parts and weapons. The key to the instilling fear.

They should have had a curling rock bowl em over.

They should have had a curling rock bowl em over.

This was a neat idea and nicely executed. 75.20 is probably what it scored.

I thought we'd accidentally switched to the National Geographic channel.

I thought we’d accidentally switched to the National Geographic channel.

One thing and one thing only came flying out of my mouth at this point…….. “I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my Squishy.”

I was so happy last night. The Olympics have begun!

We watched the qualifiers for the new slopestyle event. It’s always awesome when there are new events because it introduces me to more and more crazy shit people decide they are going to do with themselves. Slopestyle initial Voo Review…. C. I totally understand the portion of the course with the rails is a throwback to the skateboarding roots of the snowboard sport but it’s just dumb. Hopefully since it was just qualifiers everyone was playing it safe. I’m ready for new and awesome tricks.

Niklas Mattson (SWE) - Slopestyle

Niklas Mattson (SWE) – Slopestyle

Figure skating is huge in our house because the Kittie has been a figure skater since the age of six. I hear a lot of people whine about the figure skating (especially men!) but I have to just shake my head and know that they are just stupid about the sport. They have utterly no appreciation for what kind of talent, dedication, and sheer torture those athletes put themselves through to get to that level. The Kittie is a beautiful skater and her body has paid the price. She never approached the skill level of the Olympic skaters and her hips will always be an issue…her feet will always have scars. I have a world of respect for every single one of these kids. Last night the new team figure skating event revealed Yuzuru Hanyu from Japan to me. He’s incredible. What an amazing skater! I can’t wait for his long program.

Yuzuru Hanyu (JPN) - Figure Skating

Yuzuru Hanyu (JPN) – Figure Skating

I have to think that I have found my goal for the next four years. I TOTALLY WANT TO DO SKELETON!!!!!! I think I could do this….. fling myself onto a sled and head down a sheet of ice! I could do this, right? Is there skeleton training available in Dallas? I also think my Hub lied to me last night.

ME: I have a new goal.
HUB: Why do I think this won’t be good?
ME: Skeleton.
HUB: You already have one.
ME: NO! The sport. I think I want to do skeleton. Do you think I could do that?
HUB: Sure, honey.
ME: I wonder if I really dedicate myself if I could be in the NEXT Olympics and compete in skeleton.
HUB: Sure, honey.
ME: Don’t you believe in me???
HUB: Sure, honey.

Plus……….I want this outfit.

Katie Uhlaender (USA) - Skeleton

Katie Uhlaender (USA) – Skeleton

Also, I could use luge as a back up plan.

Thor Haug (SWE) - Luge

Thor Haug (SWE) – Luge

More from SOCHI tomorrow folks!

You’d think that with all the fine work Tom Hanks has done I’d totally have a different movie as my “favorite Tom Hanks movie”.

But this movie is AWESOME. I love it. I could watch it every day. Or at least every other day.

If you haven’t seen it simply use the Tom Hanks Exemption as the excuse to watch it. The Burbs rocks.




I detest the san jose sharks.





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Sochi 2014 Company Olympics


I’m a Ring Head.  I absolutely love the Olympics. And when it’s an Olympic year I eat, sleep, and breathe the coverage. And now that it’s almost time for Sochi  I am fully prepared to barely sleep and watch as many Olympic events as I can.

While hockey is my favorite event I really enjoy curling, luge, bobsled, skeleton…. the Kittie, being a figure skater, means we will get our share of those events, too. OH ski jump and speed skating.

Ok I love them all.

Two and a half days to go!