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I have (and hate) to admit it but Patricia Arquette is the catalyst for this post.

Pat wins an Oscar. And annoys me.

Pat wins an Oscar. And annoys me.

First, congrats on your Oscar, honey. I *loved* you in True Romance. I mean it was fucking awesome.

But your little speech at the end about equality for women was, #1: surprising (I mean who thought for a second you had political ambitions….you’re an ARQUETTE for fuck’s sake) and, #2: annoying.

Quick open letter to Ms. Arquette:

Be an activist. It’s a great calling. Go fix the shit you think is broken. I totally support that. You make way more money than I do and can afford to travel and support your cause(s). So 1…2….3…..go for it! And I totally get spewing your cause while accepting an Oscar cos, well, everyone is watching. But give a website address and then MOVE ALONG. Because where I stand I heard what came out of your mouth and looked at my Hub and said, “Holy FUCK what rights am I missing??? Have I overlooked something???”

Anyhooooooooooo…… from this point forward I will use this blog to simply be honest. It won’t be pretty. It won’t make people happy. And I don’t care. Honestly.