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Happy New Year to my six return readers. 🙂

I have made several serious decision but the biggest is to finish my degree. It only took a mere twenty-five years for me to listen to my mother and (once again) decide that she was 100% correct. I am not getting where I want to go in life. I’m more than I have become. So I am a college student again.

One of my classes is Ethics I. Interesting definition:

Rationalism: An ethical tradition that maintains that morality derives from the fundamental nonmoral value of reason.

Well, kiss my grits. That is directly from planet Vulcan! I shared that thought with Hub and he looked eat me as if he was hoping I had gleaned more from my first class. I didn’t wait for him to respond regarding rationalism and instead went headlong to:

Hedonism: An ethical tradition that maintains that there is just one fundamental good: pleasure (or happiness).

“Which of these are you currently practicing?” he asked.

He knows the answer to that question.

I will accept nothing less than being a straight A student. It’s only logical.

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