Jul 13

Muscle Required

I love to lift weights. Absolutely love it. Why I gave it up for as long as I did is a mystery to me.

Instead I let myself get horribly out of shape and the more out of shape (i.e.: fat) I became the angrier I got. I loved to pin it on everyone and everything around me yet it turns out the anger was with myself.

So now, it’s time to change it. While I’ve only REALLY been back at working out for three weeks on Friday I can already feel a huge difference in myself. I feel… HAPPY!

After a couple of months I’ll start posting some photos of my progress but right now I’m wanting people who are on the same fitness journey to post a comment and connect with me! ┬áLet’s share and discuss goals!

I am looking forward to meeting all of you!

Meanwhile, Hub is fully supportive:

HUB: Don’t hurt yourself. You’ve worked out five days in a row already. You need to think about a rest day.

ME: (panting as I’m working out) Nope.

HUB: Well if you get hurt you won’t be able to work out at all.

ME: I’ll just train around the injury.

HUB: How do you train around your brain?


iron hex dumbbell

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  1. Ken Lewis says:

    I say, enjoy the workout!

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