Aug 13

The Life-Work(out) Balance

You know how people (usually boss-types) enjoy talking about having a good work-life balance? I always found those conversations annoying because, frankly, if I didn’t have to work my life would be much more balanced.

Sadly, I have to work because I enjoy things like shelter and nutrition so I just accept that in order to have those things my “life” is interrupted by “work”. The last work-life conversation I had with my boss went like this:

BOSS: Do you feel like you have a comfortable balance between work and life?

ME: That depends. Can I get a week of paid vacation each month?


ME: Then yup, I’m good!

My problem right now is balancing my life with working—-OUT! My workouts are no less than 45 minutes and are usually closer to 60-65 minutes not counting prep and getting myself cleaned up afterward. I have been trying to get no less than 4 work outs in a week (five is my goal and six would be best) however, I have missed two days of lifting because life is interrupting the workout.

It’s a difficult and delicate balance. Gotta work. Gotta take care of family/homelife …. so now I’m faced with the decision of how “selfish” do I get with my time. Frankly, I (like most women I’m sure) take on as much as I can for as many as I can in the household allowing my needs to go to the wayside. Since no one in the house is a toddler I clearly need to allow myself the opportunity to be who I want to be in the manner I want to handle it.

So the responsibility shift from everything around me to just me may seem selfish, believe me, it is not. The more I have for my own sanity the more sanity I can share!

And now….. to plan my next week of workouts!



  1. Odwraca says:

    I had this same problem, I was trying to workout after work. Did not cut it! I found reasons to skip way to easily. After a month or so of total failboat, I started to go before work and forcing myself out of bed as early as possible. Now I have trained myself to the point I can get to the gym at 630 and be at work by 8am.

    Now I just need to finish recovering from that stupid surgery so I can hit the gym again!

    1. Voodoo says:

      Good for you!! I have the hardest time getting up in the morning for anything haha!! I wish you a speedy recovery!

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