Jan 14

2014.014 Workout Log ~or~ I Refuse to Fail

We are fourteen whole days into the new year and here is my workout log thus far. I have been diligently watching what I eat (which was a huge source of fail for me in 2013 as all I was doing was working off about half the junk I ate).

Repeat after me: PIZZA IS GROSS....PIZZA IS GROSS.

Repeat after me:  PIZZA IS GROSS . . . . PIZZA IS GROSS.

I am a huge lover of the FIRM workouts and they are the only workouts I do. I hate the gym because of other people and sweat and germs and people. I prefer my own weights in my own space with workouts that I know are effective and all kinds of wonderful. You can get these workouts here. Trust me, if you are trying to do what I am doing (look better at 44 than you did at 24) this is what you want.

I will get to post 2014.365 healthier and bathing suit ready! I will not fail!


01-Jan: Finding Your Core (5-day-abs, V4)

02-Jan: rest

03-Jan: Body Sculpt Blaster

04-Jan: Volume 4 (5-day-abs, V2)

05-Jan: Volume 6 (5-day-abs, V3)

06-Jan: Upper Body Split (5-day-abs, V4)

07-Jan: rest

08-Jan: Volume 3

09-Jan: Body Sculpt (BSS1)

10-Jan: Ab Sculpt (BSS1)

11-Jan: Cardio Sculpt (BSS1)

12-Jan: Body Sculpt Blaster (5-day-abs, V2)

13-Jan: Volume 1

14-Jan: Jiggle Free Abs


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