Jan 14

2014.020 The Art of Shrinking

As I’ve mentioned before I’m in the process of shrinking. ¬†Twenty days into my resolution to leave this year a whole hell of a lot healthier and stronger than I entered it is (re)teaching me that this is more than a process. It’s an art form.

For those of you who have never seen an original FIRM workout and are either in shape and need a challenge or out of shape and are sick of feeling like a toad (like me) I highly recommend them.

Cardio pisses me off. Always has. But lifting weights I love. There’s something about finishing all those reps while dripping sweat and feeling like your muscles are going to give up that make me want to put on a cape and scream, “I AM A SUPER HERO BITCHES!” (Hub won’t let me do that in the front yard tho.) The FIRM is the perfect balance of the two and there is such a wide and wonderful variety to their workouts that I can do a cardio laden workout one day and treat myself to super heavy lifting the next. Example:

Yesterday I did FIRM Parts Upper Body. Every single push up. Every single time the instructors called for heavy weights I used 12# dumbbells. I am FEELING it this morning. That wonderful feeling of shrinkage.

And as I walk through the break room at work and see the pile of donuts waving at me I gave them the middle finger and said, “Sorry. You are not on my schedule.”

Here’s to a strong week for everyone. I’m gonna kill it all week long!

PS: You can buy the FIRM Volume 1 w/ the incomparable Susan Harris right here.

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