Jan 14

2014.022 A Stars Win and an Attack Cat

I posted yesterday about the horror of being a Dallas Stars fan this month. And was rewarded with a lovely win last night over Minnesota. LOVE a shut out. LOVE not one but two power play goals. LOVE a successful penalty shot.

Sick lil shot by Jordie Benn.

Sick lil shot by Jordie Benn.

It also makes me wonder if I sent good mojo to them by posting about it. The sports insanity of “am I jinxing” or “am I helping”. Before you know it you are wearing the same dirty shirt for every single game and your Hub is telling you to wash that goddamn thing or he’s going to burn it when you fall asleep.

If you think you are doing the team some good regardless of how dumb¬†you have to keep it up. So my babies are off today and I’m celebrating our second (small choking sob) win in the month of January. Tomorrow we play the Maple Leafs. And um, question. Isn’t the plural of leaf actually leaves? Shouldn’t they be the Toronto Maple Leaves?


Also. Last night after 45 minutes of cardio (it sucked but I had to have it) in our workout room (which is currently trashed) I got this little video of Lily Bitch Cat attacking Kittie (again, don’t be confused. If you are just tuning in we have an actual cat. Lily Bitch Cat. I have a human kid. I call her Kittie.)

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