Jan 14

2014.031 Workout Log #2

I had a pretty good end of the month. However, I’ve had eating fail lately and need to renew my focus on what I’m actually preparing for meals. Mix it up with some more greens and fruits.

Anyway…..here’s my workouts from the last half of the month:

15-Jan: Volume 4
16-Jan: Ab sculpt
17-Jan: rest day
18-Jan: Firm Parts 5-day-abs (V4)
19-Jan: Firm Parts Upper Body
20-Jan: rest day
21-Jan: Cardio Dance Slim Down
22-Jan: rest day
23-Jan: BSS1 Body Sculpt
24-Jan: BSS1 Ab Sculpt
25-Jan: BSS1 Cardio Sculpt
26-Jan: rest day
27-Jan: rest day
28-Jan: Volume 4
29-Jan: Firm Parts 5-day-abs (V6)
30-Jan: Body Sculpt Blaster
21-Jan: rest day

Tomorrow is the first of February and I’m doing the entire month using a rotation consisting only the Original 6 Firm Workouts. WISH ME LUCK!

The FIRM - Volume 2

The FIRM – Volume 2

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