Feb 14

2014.038 Sochi On My TV

I was so happy last night. The Olympics have begun!

We watched the qualifiers for the new slopestyle event. It’s always awesome when there are new events because it introduces me to more and more crazy shit people decide they are going to do with themselves. Slopestyle initial Voo Review…. C. I totally understand the portion of the course with the rails is a throwback to the skateboarding roots of the snowboard sport but it’s just dumb. Hopefully since it was just qualifiers everyone was playing it safe. I’m ready for new and awesome tricks.

Niklas Mattson (SWE) - Slopestyle

Niklas Mattson (SWE) – Slopestyle

Figure skating is huge in our house because the Kittie has been a figure skater since the age of six. I hear a lot of people whine about the figure skating (especially men!) but I have to just shake my head and know that they are just stupid about the sport. They have utterly no appreciation for what kind of talent, dedication, and sheer torture those athletes put themselves through to get to that level. The Kittie is a beautiful skater and her body has paid the price. She never approached the skill level of the Olympic skaters and her hips will always be an issue…her feet will always have scars. I have a world of respect for every single one of these kids. Last night the new team figure skating event revealed Yuzuru Hanyu from Japan to me. He’s incredible. What an amazing skater! I can’t wait for his long program.

Yuzuru Hanyu (JPN) - Figure Skating

Yuzuru Hanyu (JPN) – Figure Skating

I have to think that I have found my goal for the next four years. I TOTALLY WANT TO DO SKELETON!!!!!! I think I could do this….. fling myself onto a sled and head down a sheet of ice! I could do this, right? Is there skeleton training available in Dallas? I also think my Hub lied to me last night.

ME: I have a new goal.
HUB: Why do I think this won’t be good?
ME: Skeleton.
HUB: You already have one.
ME: NO! The sport. I think I want to do skeleton. Do you think I could do that?
HUB: Sure, honey.
ME: I wonder if I really dedicate myself if I could be in the NEXT Olympics and compete in skeleton.
HUB: Sure, honey.
ME: Don’t you believe in me???
HUB: Sure, honey.

Plus……….I want this outfit.

Katie Uhlaender (USA) - Skeleton

Katie Uhlaender (USA) – Skeleton

Also, I could use luge as a back up plan.

Thor Haug (SWE) - Luge

Thor Haug (SWE) – Luge

More from SOCHI tomorrow folks!

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