Feb 14

2014.042 The Wagon

I fell off the blog wagon. Sorry my dear (few) readers and (a few more) friends. I won’t hit 365 posts for the year but let’s see if I can’t get back into the swing.

I have been completely immersed in the Olympics and cannot wait for the USA v. Canada hockey game tomorrow.

I also have been struggling with my weight loss a little bit. My workouts are going really well. I mean super good. I can feel myself getting stronger and the increase in energy is terrific. My eating tends to be a problem and since I have so much weight to lose I get very angry with myself. To the point of my daily commutes being a perfect quiet time to berate myself for a half an hour each way. I’m fighting through it and have decided to kick start this shit by cutting out carbs and sugar as much as possible. Loading up on lean meat, protein shakes, and leafy greens. And guzzling water as if my life depends upon it. I also need to stay off the scale. Since I’m lifting I know that I’m gaining muscle but the pounds are not falling off. Yet.

Topic for tomorrow will certainly be hockey. But I need very much to have a True Detective post because that show IS AWESOME!

Thanks to those how are hanging in there with me!  And, of course….


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