Mar 14

2014.048 Fun with Feedback ~or~ How to Enjoy eBay

I’ve recently been on eBay. A lot. Hub notices every time. Mainly because packages start arriving. Like daily.

Hub: You got another package.

Me: YAY!

Hub: What are you buying?

Me: Things on eBay.

Hub: Can you be more specific?

Me: Do you want like serial numbers or….

Then he sighed and left the room. Most of what I’ve purchased has been my mission to increase the number of FIRM workouts I own. I had to re-purchase everything I owned on VHS in the DVD format because our VCR broke and it was dumb to replace it. So I started with the Original 6 and then I got more…and more…then I started this ball buster of a 90-day rotation and in several categories I only had two titles and so I really needed more.

This is a photograph of future success people.

This is a photograph of future success people.

Since it is generally acceptable to leave feedback for people on eBay I tried to be a good e-commerce participant and leave feedback for everyone. But how many “thank you, A+” feedbacks are out there? Try 65,351,519. Approximately. I decided to spice this up:

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 8.23.47 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 8.24.00 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 8.24.20 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 8.24.35 PM

Now I have to go buy more stuff on eBay. Don’t tell Hub.

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