Jun 14

2014.052 You Sacked What?

Here is an actual photo of my husband:


That is just a snippet of the stereotypical warrior he is. Here’s an example:

Hub: I’m really disappointed we haven’t had a zombie apocalypse yet.

Me: I hate you.

Hub: I mean it.

Me: I do, too.

Hub: You don’t. And I really needed that to happen.

Me: Ok yeah. I’m sure you need that to happen.

Hub: It gives me an excuse to get rid of people for the good of the species.

Me: And what’s stopping you now?

Hub: They aren’t zombies.

Me: Jesus.

When he’s not praying for an plague that is the downfall of the human race for the sole purpose of using up ammunition he runs a software company. And I mean RUNS IT. Remember the scene in “The Devil Wears Prada” where she laments that it’s nearly impossible to put together a decent “run through”. My Hub is totally Miranda Priestly.

So he gets a group gift for his birthday at work and the card says:

We celebrate you today. The Sacker of Baghdad, the Overlord of Nicaragua, the Guardian from Mesquitetheon, the Apotheoses of Rangerdom from the hills of the Free Cities.

From Jim, Orion, Ryan, Wes, Goeff and Jonathan.


Yeah…………….. They are on to him.

Happy birthday, honey. I hope you get zombies.

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