Sep 14

2014.054 Half Me



I hate myself. Ok not really but kind of. I’m so sick of how I look and how I feel. I’ve been working out like crazy. I mean my fucking fitness is amazing. I can do pushups and an hour of cardio like it’s no big deal but I am still a fat bitch. Can I please not drop something onto the floor of the car and not be able to reach it because my god damn stomach is in the way?

My Hub is so sweet……”Be fat or be thin. But shut the fuck up about it.” I get it. He doesn’t want bitching and that is fine. It isn’t like I’m on the cusp of being a super model. But MOTHER FUCK I’m so sick of being fat.

So here’s the deal. I wore a 2pc bathing suit and had muscle tone when I found out my daughter was on the way. Since then I have gained exactly 100 pounds and I don’t even want to be in family photographs.

Does anyone I know sell meth?

All I can do is hope. Hope my workouts start to show a difference. And hope my new change of diet (Atkins) starting today make a difference.

I hate myself today.


  1. Marc says:

    Hell…. I’ll still love ya, no matter how chunky you are.

    1. Voodoo says:

      What’s chunky is going to be your lip when I punch you in it.

      Love you Marc 🙂

  2. Kathy says:

    Keep being persistent. It will pay off. I promise. One day you will find the magic formula for you. Don’t give up!

    1. Voodoo says:

      The magic formula is exactly what I’m looking for! 🙂

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