Sep 14

2014.055 Large & In Charge

Thanks to all the people who sent me messages of encouragement. It is very appreciated.

Now….ONWARD! A night’s sleep (and puppy kisses) have renewed my resolve. Pouting and being a whiner never got one damn thing done for anyone. So this will be my platform. And this is a LOG so Logging Via Internet Machine starts here.


Today’s menu:

1/8 of a quiche I made (whole eggs, 1/2 tsp sour cream, sausage & bacon crumbles) for breakfast

1 small chicken Caesar salad for snack

Atkins meal from variety purchased for lunch

Carb-free meatloaf & whipped cauliflower for dinner

Atkins imitation M&Ms for my 11 p.m. sugar craving

Workout today will be from the FIRM Express – Cycle 4 Sculpt.

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