Jan 15


OK so…. We bought our couch and it is one of those in 3 sections that hook together w/ a curved part in the middle and there are recliners on both ends but we misjudged how frakking big it would be so we just use the 2 ends to make a regular sized couch…. And then we got LARRY who INSISTS on sitting on the couch which is FINE until everyone wants to sit on the couch to watch tv or what not so that fat ass brown dog will either wedge himself in between two people and then proceed to be an asshole and kick and shove you until you give up and go to another room in disgust OR he proceeds to be an asshole and Hub kicks him off the couch then he sulks and talks back and finds something to destroy.

 So I’ve been knitting SITTING ON THE FLOOR (the dog is basically running our household because we are spineless or something)….so I mentioned about 6 weeks ago that I think I wanted a big double papasan chair JUST FOR ME to sit in while we are all in the living room and I can knit with my yarn and needles and scissors and shit right next to me…… and then about one week AFTER I mention that this big box arrives….. And it’s to Hub and he doesn’t open it and I said “Hey what the heck is this”…….well…it was the cushion for a double papasan chair!!! And he said, “Sorry, the base is shipped separately but Pier 1 says it’s on the way.”  

Well….that was SIX WEEKS AGO…..they refunded Hub’s shipping finally and the base arrived today….. And my phone is at home because I’m retarded and left this morning half asleep without it so Hub says, “Kittie said your chair is really nice and comfy and check your gmail.”

 Here’s my chair.

 God damn it.


No Larry.

No Larry.

(PS We haven’t taken our Christmas tree down yet so ignore that)

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